Electricity Prices Keep Rising!

When will costs stop going up?! Unfortunately, electricity prices have been on the rise due to inflation. Since 1970, prices have increased by 3.97% per year. This is a rather significant increase over time. But what might that mean in dollars?

Let’s examine a few possible scenarios where homeowners are paying an average per month of $100, $150, and $250.

Sunlux's Projected Electricity Costs Graph

The cost of electricity could rise a staggering 110% over 20 years. Your bill today would more than double, assuming inflation continues to rise at 3.97%. Which it has over the past 49 years. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could lock in your bill today for the next 20 years? You certainly can with solar. Not to mention, there is a generous tax credit you can take advantage of which will help reduce the cost of going solar by 26% in 2020.  

I cannot stress the importance of going solar today enough! You can save up to $89,057 over 20 years on a $250 dollar electric bill. Slash your electricity prices now, you cannot afford to wait.

The government tax credit of 26% is already dropping down to 22% in year 2021, and will be eliminated in year 2022 for residential home owners. Time is running out to take full advantage of all incentives that can drastically reduce your cost to going solar and eliminating electricity prices for good.

Now what can you do with that whopping $89,057 of savings? Imagine going on that wonderful vacation you’ve always dreamed of? Or maybe remodeling your home and boosting your equity?

Get started today by booking a free consultation with Sunlux. We’ll build a customized quote that will eliminate your electric bill so that you can start saving immediately.

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